Welcome to the 20-21 season

This will be known as the corona ski season and will require cooperation and flexibility from all of our guests, employees, and vendors to maintain a safe and healthy winter sports operation.

Simple actions by everyone while on the ski area premises will help reduce COVID-19 exposures and must be followed by all individuals.
Everyone must have a face covering and be prepared to wear it everywhere.

Willamette Pass Resort will be following the state of Oregon guidelines and our National Ski Areas Association “Ski well, be well” protocols, which together modify all of our operations this season.

Here are the basics:

  • Absolutely do not arrive at the ski area if you are feeling ill in any way
  • All tickets and passes must be purchased online
  • Everyone shall be based out of their vehicle for the day
  • The lodge will provide only very limited services

Your perfect ski day at Willamette Pass Resort will take planning ahead to make sure you have what you need for the day. Think of the day trip more as a camping trip where food, water, and shelter are required to enjoy your experience. Prepare to pack out what you pack in to keep our area clean and healthy all season long.

Every customer must have a ticket and photo ID (or a parent/guardian for young children). A Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit card, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover branded gift card, Apple Pay or Google Pay are required for any on mountain purchases.  We do not accept cash payments.

The specifics:

Every individual must self-evaluate their own health and wellbeing. If sick in any way do not visit the ski area. If possible exposure to COVID-19 has happened, do not visit the ski area until an appropriate quarantine period has passed. If you become ill in any way during your visit you must leave the ski area for care at once. Ski patrol will only provide care in the event of injuries not illness.

Every individual shall wear a face covering at all times except while inside their own vehicle or while enjoying a ski run. Face coverings are required in all base area locations including parking areas, buildings, lift mazes and loading areas, as well as while riding lifts and in lift unloading areas. Social distancing shall be practiced as much as possible in all locations. Limit the total time of near contact (less than 6’) with unknown individuals to less than 15 minutes.


All Willamette Pass ticket products must be purchased online at this time to provide for contactless transactions. We recommend doing this in advance from home as you plan your trip. At the ski area Wi-Fi can be accessed if necessary for product purchases.

Hourly tickets are suspended until further notice.

Base Lodge:

Open only for limited services at reduced capacity:

  • Restroom access will be the only services located in the lower lobby accessible through the front (highway side) doors.
  • Rental and retail will have access through the east entrances only. A limited number of guests will be allowed at one time.
  • The restaurant level will have limited access and a limited menu.  All food and beverage will be grab n go for guests to take to their vehicles. No indoor dining will be available.

Our lounge operations will be suspended until further notice.

No guests should plan to spend more than 15 minutes in the lodge. No waiting, changing, or storing of any items will be allowed at this time.


No drop off at or near the front of the lodge will be allowed at this time. No items may be taken into the lodge currently.

Please park as directed and base your day out of your vehicle. Pack out everything brought in to keep our area clean and healthy all season long.