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Snow Report 2.13.16
3:54 PM
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Oregon Skyway

Summit Elevation: 6,666 feet
Base Elevation: 5,141 feet
Vertical Rise: 1,525 feet

Our six person fully enclosed gondolas are designed to provide a truly unique sightseeing experience as you ride to the top of Eagle Peak. The round trip takes just under 25 minutes. You will marvel at the beauty of the Oregon Cascades. To the South, Diamond Peak dominates the horizon. Odell Lake, a glimmering jewel is one of the deepest lakes in Oregon and home to some incredible fishing during the summer months. Once you reach the top of Eagle Peak there is a viewing platform for picnic lunches, or to capture your experience by camera or video. We encourage you to take the short hike to the top of our Peak 2 chair and view more of the Cascade volcanoes, lakes and deep green forests.

Hiking: Willamette Pass offers many options for hiking from the top of the gondola and from the base area. Stay on our beautiful trails or continue on to another destination. The Pacific Crest Trail is a short distance from the resort, with a connecting route descending from the top of the gondola. For a scenic and enjoyable downhill hike, follow the branch of the Pacific Crest Trail that ventures down to the Rosary Lakes area. This 3.5 mile trail navigates its way around the outskirts of Willamette Pass Resort's permit boundary and in time, ties in with a cutoff trail that leads back to the ski area's base area.

Disc Golf: Our professionally designed eighteen hole disc golf course awaits you at the summit of Eagle Peak. As you progress your way down, stunning scenery will test your focus as Diamond Peak and Odell Lake will distract you as you enjoy disc golf in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Purchase a ticket for the Oregon Skyway and enjoy eighteen holes of challenging disc golf. It's a great deal and fun for all ages.

Our course has been surveyed and approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association.

Mountain Biking: Willamette Pass offers miles of maintained downhill and cross country trails for intermediate to advanced riders and has been recognized by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) as a partner in the Oakridge Ride Center. Know your ability, wear a helmet, and ride responsibly.

Geocaching: This fun and outdoor oriented activity is a high-tech treasure hunting game that involves locating hidden containers, called geocaches, and is enjoyable for all ages and abilities. With over a dozen geocaches to find at or near Willamette Pass, it's a great way to spend the day while also exploring your National Forest. Pick up a coordinate sheet at our store in the lodge.

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